• Engraving in wedding bands – The trend is back

Engraving in wedding bands – The trend is back

It seems to be happening more and more these days. It had gone quiet for a while, but I can definitely see a rise in the amount of clients asking me about engraving in their wedding rings.

Some people think it's corny and some people get all squishy over it, however I think it's a nice romantic way for the couple to have that private sentimental message, and something unique, inscribed in their rings forever. It's not only words which can be engraved in a ring. You can have stones too. These are two prime examples of how you can have diamonds, sapphires or any stone you like, set inside your ring.

Inside this engagement ring we can see a small diamond was set.

When this ring was made, the client wanted me to hide a small diamond on the inside of the ring just to be quirky. There is engraving too, which sadly we can't see, which states "to the moon and back". I believe the diamond represents the stars you pass on the journey.

The date is engraved and the sapphires act as spacers between the day, month and year.

So whilst these are examples of rings which have engraving and stones set within, there is no reason at all why you can't have just a message, quote or date.

Some of the more memorable engraving I've been asked to write inside wedding rings have been "Put me back on", "Don't be nosey" and "Why are you taking me off?"

So, have you got engraving in your ring? Would you have something quirky engraved in your band? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you.

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