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From start to finish, here is how we will arrive at the perfect engagement ring that suits you and your wife to be..

Find the perfect ring

Stage 1: Enquiry

Great! you’re ready to make an appointment and discuss the options for an engagement ring. Perhaps you’ve seen one of my designs or you want one of your own made to order. No problem. 

Stage 2: Pick A date

When would you like to meet? Due to the fact that I operate out of the London Diamond Bourse, and the trading floor is closed on weekends, I’m governed by certain time restraints. However, I do hope we can meet up. 

Stage 3: Meet Lewis

Once we’ve fixed an appointment it’s time to meet up. During our appointment I will aim to show you a selection of loose diamonds based on your criteria. 

Stage 4: Weighing up your options

You will now have the chance to handle loose diamonds and view them through a magnified lens to see all the characteristics which make up the 4 C’s. Once you’ve decided on one we’ll discuss the design and within a few weeks your new ring will be ready for collection. It’s really that simple! 

Stage 5: Creating the perfect ring

This is where the real magic happens. Whilst you wait anxiously for your engagement ring to be ready, I’m in the workshop making it. All the jewellery my clients decide on are made by myself in my own workshop, here in Hatton Garden. Plenty of TLC is taken to ensure that each piece is made perfectly. And it always is! 

Stage 6: Ready for the workshop

We'll now take your ideas and make them a reality.

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