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  • Selling your second-hand jewellery

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Sometimes we come into possession of jewellery that we don’t want to keep.

It might be part of an inheritance, or perhaps a gift that we no longer wear. It might even be an item that you now associate with difficult memories – perhaps a love token from a failed relationship, such as an engagement ring.

The problem is knowing what to do with unwanted jewellery when you have no idea what it might be worth or whether there’s a market for it.

You might be considering putting it in a box with other unwanted belongings and donating it to a charity shop, you could be thinking about remaking it into something more contemporary, or you might be interested in selling it.

But either way, it makes sense to speak to a professional to find out what it might be worth.

At Lewis Malka, we’re always very happy to assess your second-hand jewellery and let you know what it’s saleable value might be – and then you can make a decision based on the true worth of the items in question.

Depending on the piece, we might also be interested in buying your unwanted jewellery from you ourselves. We buy many pieces from our clients and have a particular interest in unwanted engagement rings.

Before you make any decision, though, it’s important to understand that the valuation of an item for, say, insurance purposes is very different to the price at which you might sell it. Insurance valuations reflect the cost of buying an identical piece new. A second-hand piece will have a lower resale value but may still be worth a pretty penny.

We’ll assess your jewellery at our Hatton Garden premises and our years of experience and knowledge of the market mean that we’ll price your items at a fair level for the current market.

We’re always interested in buying second-hand jewellery, but if you decide to keep the items for sentimental reasons but are unlikely to wear them, we can offer you advice and options to remake them into contemporary pieces that mean you’ll retain their sentimental value but also be able to wear them on a daily or occasional basis.

And if you still decide to give the items to charity – at least you’ll have the comfort of knowing what your donation was worth.

To find out more about any of our products and services, or to book an assessment of your second-hand jewellery with Lewis Malka, please contact us.

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