• If you really loved me, you would propose with a pair of Christian Louboutin

If you really loved me, you would propose with a pair of Christian Louboutin

Picture the scene, a couple came to see me last week and a mini argument followed between them in my office. I had been prepped beforehand by the groom-to-be as to what style and size diamond he was prepared to pay for. I had been told the budget and was ready to show them my findings. Out of the blue, she turned to him and said "You have promised me a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for ages now! If we get this ring, will you still be able to afford the shoes for me?" Well it was at this point that he turned redder than the sole of the famous shoes themselves and was probably wishing the earth would swallow him up. I didn’t know where to put myself.


A few moments later normal business was resumed and we went ahead and picked out a nice ring which is being made. Later that day, the embarrassed groom called me to apologise. After a little probing, he told me that they went in to Selfridges after they left me and she got her shoes.

This episode reminded me of a survey I saw a few months ago in the paper. It was carried out by the Euromillions lottery, and they asked people what they would do with their winnings if they won the jackpot.

While men have their hearts set on goodies like a yacht, Aston Martin, sports tickets, a helicopter, and, um, a castle, women keep it simple: Christian Louboutins, baby!

Proving that the luxury footwear is among the big-ticket items on a wish list for the average woman, who also yearns for Jimmy Choo shoes and a diamond ring and heart necklace from. Oh, and a personal trainer, pretty please?

"We wanted to give people the chance to think of things which are beyond their wildest dreams-the kind of things you could by with a massive jackpot win," a EuroMillions spokesperson told the paper.

"The two lists are fascinating-women seem to love the idea of owning designer fashion items, but have also included a few things which would make their home more stylish [such as a fridge]. Men go straight for the transport and gadgets, wanting the very latest developments in technology and vehicles alike."

A Vera Wang wedding gown, Rolex watch, and handbags from Chanel and Mulberry also made the women’s list of wants, which also included more "practical" items like a Tuscan holiday home and a Mini Cooper.


So I’m afraid this begs the question, has tradition gone out the window? Are people now going to propose with luxury brand shoes? Time will tell. Now if you would excuse me, I have lottery tickets to buy!!!


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