• More women buying diamonds for themselves, would you?

More women buying diamonds for themselves, would you?

There seems to be a growing trend recently, of more and more women buying important diamonds for themselves.

It wasn't that long ago that the very thought of a woman buying herself a diamond of some value was a taboo subject and not a done thing, however, I'm noticing an increased number of women come to see me wanting to have a nice dress or cocktail ring made for themselves. Even just a simple diamond stud pair of earrings or a solitaire pendant.
Just last week I was sitting with a client, a lady, who had made an appointment to see me, and she was after a lovely pendant and earring set. This isn't unusual and what she wanted was a solitaire diamond pendant and a pair of studs. She wasn't married and didn't have an engagement ring, she just wanted to treat herself and enjoy the luxury of diamonds she felt she deserved.
She asked me whether or not many women came to see me to treat themselves to diamonds and went on to explain that her friends thought she should wait until she had a fiancé or husband to buy them for her. Her reply was spot on and totally logical. If she waited for a man to buy them for her she would have to wait indefinitely, right guys? And even when he does buy them for her there are no guarantees that he would get it right. So, her view is that she's earning enough money so why shouldn't she buy them for herself? I couldn't agree more.
I think there are too many people who feel the same way and aren't doing anything about it. Perhaps they feel embarrassed or awkward. We live in a society now where woman are earning equal pay to men and in some instances earning more. There is of course the argument that diamonds are a symbol of romance and a token of love and that women should wait for men to buy them, but I don't agree, and I say that with my jewellers hat on and off.
I'm quite a traditionalist and I would prefer to buy diamonds for my lady. I am also a realist and understand that there are a lot of ladies earning more money than I do and they don't want to wait for me to buy them for her. So as you can see there are arguments for both sides. All I know is that the trend is growing. More ladies are coming alone to buy diamonds for themselves. Where do you stand on this matter? I'd love to hear from you. As always, you can comment below.

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