• Propose with a diamond

Propose with a diamond

One of the hardest tasks when dealing with clients who want to surprise their other halves with an engagement proposal, is to come up with a design for a ring which she will love, decide on a diamond shape she will cherish and most of all keep the proposal romantic. It’s not always possible to manage all three things at the same time, which is why I have come up with a solution which is slowly becoming a practical answer to an age old problem.


My suggestion is to propose with a diamond. This means that the only hard part really, is to try and work out which shape diamond she loves. This can be done very subtly indeed and more often than not involves the assistance and secrecy of her best mate. The task is made easier if you happen not to be the first ones in your circle getting engaged. Normally, when one gets engaged everyone else has an opinion on that ring and the line "well if that was my ring I’d have.....". In order for me to make your experience more memorable and successful I recommend you come in for an appointment and we go through some loose diamonds. After I have explained the different characteristics and qualities of the diamonds and you’ve decided on a stone, I will then packet the diamond in a secure box and away you go. It’s that easy.


Once you have popped the question you are both free to come in and we can go through the designs together, and either pick one from the Lewis Malka Collection, or have something completely bespoke made up. Either way you are a winner. You’ve managed to contain the most important elements of one the most memorable milestones in your life. That of romance and surprise. What could be better. However if you have come across this blog having already proposed with a ring, and her feeling now is "I hate my engagement ring now what?" Then the answer to that question is in my previous blog.

If you would like an appointment, then please do call for a free consultation in our central London Hatton Garden office and we would be glad to try and help you. Our details are on the main page of the Lewis Malka London website.

Lewis Malka is a recognised expert in making diamond rings as well as being a famous jeweller to the stars. All his blogs are his own opinions. He is a member of the London Diamond Bourse (LDB) and is currently the Chairman of the Young Persons Committee within the Diamond Bourse. You can follow him daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you would like any bespoke jewellery made, then please visit his website.

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