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  • What is the best way to clean my diamond jewellery?

What is the best way to clean my diamond jewellery?

I’m sure if all of us were to ask our mother "What’s the best way to clean my diamond jewellery?" She would tell us to take our diamond ring or earrings and pour out a shot of vodka or gin and soak the jewellery in there for a few hours, then hey presto.

Why would we question that? Seems perfectly normal that anything our mother tells us is correct. Right?

Well I can remember growing up that my mum would do that, however it wasn’t until I started in jewellery industry at sixteen years old, that I realised that this was just a waste of perfectly good vodka or gin. When I queried it with my new work colleagues they laughed at me.

Yes, alcohol is used as a disinfectant and yes it is a base for certain detergents, however just plonking your diamond ring in a glass of alcohol won’t really clean it.

In my workshop, and all professional jewellery workshops, we use an ultrasonic machine and the detergent is an ammonia based fluid. This needs to be warmed up to near boiling temperature in order to be effective.

So, my advice for you to be able to clean your ring at home, is to use warm water and fairy liquid. Remove your ring from your finger and hold it between your thumb and forefinger, then using an old toothbrush, tap away at the underside of the setting, then dry it with some kitchen roll. Don’t dry it with tissues as the fibres tend to get left behind in the setting. And don’t pour boiling hot water straight from the kettle over the diamond as this could shock the stone and cause it to fracture!

The main cause of the dirt behind your diamond is dry soapy water which gets left behind after washing your hands. Other causes include hand lotions and creams as well as cooking ingredients.

So next time you ask your mum "What’s the best way to clean my diamond engagement ring?" and her reply is "vodka or gin", pour the alcohol in a glass and drink it, then show her this.

If you would like an appointment, then please do call for a free consultation in our central London Hatton Garden office and we would be glad to try and help you. Our details are on the main page of the Lewis Malka London website.

Lewis Malka is a recognized expert in making diamond rings as well as being a famous jeweller to the stars. All his blogs are his own opinions. He is a member of the London Diamond Bourse (LDB) and is currently the Chairman of the Young Persons Committee within the Diamond Bourse. You can follow him daily on Facebook - Twitter - and Instagram.
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