• Pushing presents. What are they and how do I get one?

Pushing presents. What are they and how do I get one?

Sorry gents, only the ladies qualify for this one, and with good reason too. This is a funny one if you’re British and reading this, and possibly wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Whilst if you are American you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who aren’t sure, the term pushing present is used in America and refers to a present which is given to a woman, by her man, after she has had a baby, normally his baby. Hence the term pushing present.

So now we all know what one is, and when we get one, what is it we are traditionally getting? Well let me tell you. Diamonds! That’s what it’s all about, diamonds. Why diamonds? Well, you’ve just had a new born baby and you’ve had to carry the baby for around nine months. You’ve worked hard, you’ve deserve only the best. You’ve earned it. What better present could you want beyond diamonds? After all, they are the biggest gesture to show how much you really love her.

Every woman at one stage of her marriage will be expecting an eternity ring, and this I don’t believe is unreasonable. If she doesn’t have one by now then this would be a great opportunity to get her one. However any piece of diamond jewellery would be acceptable.

If you are going to get an eternity ring then let me explain the differences between the more popular styles. Firstly there are two types of eternity rings, a full and a half. The half eternity ring traditionally has seven diamonds and the full eternity ring has as many stones that will go around the finger, and this depends on the finger size and the diamond size.

For those of you ladies who are married, there is no written rule to say that the eternity ring has to be worn on the wedding finger. A lot of my clients prefer to receive a different style to the wedding and engagement ring that they already have. No surprise really as styles and fashions change through the years. Go with what makes you happy.

However it doesn’t have to be an eternity ring. It could be a pair of earrings, just make sure she has her ears pierced before you purchase them. I have had guys buy earrings in the past and then come back as their partner didn’t have her ears pierced. Awkward! Or you may want to give a diamond pendant or tennis bracelet. The options are endless.

Now you know what a pushing present is, feel free to pass this around to all your friends who are either pregnant or expecting a baby, I’m sure their husbands won’t.

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