• This is the best way to propose on Valentine’s day, yet still keep the ring a surprise.

This is the best way to propose on Valentine’s day, yet still keep the ring a surprise.

This is one of my favourite topics. Maybe because it brings out the romantic in me, but I have to say, over the years, this has always been top of the list for me when it comes to proposing. Perhaps even the way I would do it should I get engaged again.


I’m talking about proposing with a diamond. You may be thinking that that was obvious, and yes it is. However I’m not talking about proposing with a diamond ring, just a loose diamond. My logic for this is simple. We all know that proposing is one of the most stressful things ever! Well those of us who’ve been through it do. And if you are about to embark on that journey, then you are about to join that club. Statistics show that around 10% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s day and that accounts for a large amount of people looking to be original.

Let’s not forget too that this is probably your third largest purchase you are likely to make behind a car and a house. The pressure to get it right is enormous. The added pressure of getting the design correct as well as the timing is even bigger. So here is my suggestion or recommendation.

Enlist the help of her closet friend and try to find out what her favourite shape diamond is. Once you have done this then determine a budget. Once you have your budget you should go about doing some research on diamonds and find out about the four C’s to help you better understand what you are about to purchase. After all, knowledge is power. The more you understand, the better the deal you will get.


Most of the hard part is coming up with a style, a design of how you think her perfect diamond engagement ring will look. The last thing you want to do is to excite her with the proposal yet not have her like the ring you chose. Here is my way to make sure you get each step spot on.

If you decide to propose with a diamond, nothing else but a loose diamond, this can be supplied in a nice perspex presentation box, that way it a) still gives her the element of surprise and b) gives you both the opportunity to come into a design studio such as mine, and design her the perfect ring together. That is what I call romantic.


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