• Should a woman buy her own engagement ring?

Should a woman buy her own engagement ring?

Now this is a question that is very topical right now. Well, it always is when a guy is deliberating over the budget for the lady he loves.


Given how common it is for women to pick out their engagement rings, is it still taboo if they pay for them as well?

"It’s completely against tradition," says Lewis Malka, writer of this blog. "It’s been ingrained in us for so long that men propose and they propose with a ring."

"These are high-powered, highly paid women," Lewis says. "In their eyes, they have ideals to live up to. And for certain high end ladies, it is paramount that their ring reflects their lifestyle."

"Many people these days live together well before they decide to marry. They’re sharing money, expenses and wedding costs. You could say that’s partially the bride’s money going toward her own engagement ring."

What do you make of women buying their own engagement ring’s? I would love to hear your view.


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