• Pulling teeth has never been better

Pulling teeth has never been better

Dental refining is a service I didn’t think I’d get asked about. It all came about a few weeks ago in my BNI group. We have a dentist there and she asked me about wedding rings. Whilst we were talking I asked her who refines all the old teeth they pull out from patients, naturally I’m only interested in the ones filled with precious metals as it’s part of my industry too. She said that someone takes hers every few years and the yield wasn’t very high. I asked if she was ready to melt again and could she give me the opportunity to organise the melt for her to which she agreed. Needless to say she was delighted with more than double what the last company paid her out, and she has gone on to refer me to her colleagues in the practise and others in the industry who she knows.


As a result of this, I am now offering a service to dentists who would like to have their scrap metal refined. I concentrate on recovering gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals. I am based in London, so naturally I am looking for clients in this area, and I am happy to offer a collection service. A report will be given along with the money after the smelt and a fast service is guaranteed with a turnaround time of a few days at most.


So which dentist do you know who could benefit from my new service. Finding a company you can trust is very difficult in this day and age. As a jeweller, a member of the London Diamond Bourse and someone who has been brought up for the last 22 years in the industry, I understand how valuable integrity and trust is and it’s with this that I offer my services to everyone. Please do ask me for more details if you are interested and would like to arrange a trial service. You can reach me on the office number which is 020 7404 4022. Thank you.


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