• Diamonds Don’t Only Come In White!!

Diamonds Don’t Only Come In White!!

Diamonds are without question the most beautiful and precious things in the world. They don’t only come in white though!!

With the hype and talk surrounding gold and the high prices it has commanded over the last 4-6 weeks slacking off, clients have been returning to more day to day investments. I am of course referring to themselves and their loved ones. Creativity, something I pride myself on, is the order of the month. Diamond engagement rings are traditionally made with white diamonds, however if it’s the wow factor you are after, or indeed just want to be the talk of the town, then why not opt for a Black diamond engagement ring??


The photo above received a lot of interest on my Facebook page this week, and thank you for that. As you can see, this ring makes a huge statement, and so it should. It is set with a large 1.66 carat black diamond in the centre, and is flanked by 5 white diamonds on each shoulder to help enhance it’s beauty. The couple received so many comments on their Facebook page on how lovely the ring is and how they haven’t seen anything like this before, that it made their occasion that much more memorable.


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