• What Black Friday?

What Black Friday?

Everyone gets excited when November comes around. In the beginning it was one day. One day of sales. Over time it became the whole weekend, and some stores even discount the whole week. Traditionally it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, and a tradition which has migrated across the Atlantic to British shores, and beyond. 

It seemed, to me at least, to be all about branded goods. Items like TVs game consoles. A lot of electronic products. Products which are the same price nationwide that would be sold with a markdown. In the more recent years, it seems that every Tom, Dick & Harry has jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon. Every time I see a sale marked “Black Friday” I’m get a little suspicious. Black Friday is probably the most hyped shopping day of the year.

I’ve read that the real 'scam' of Black Friday is the way that retailers use deals to lure shoppers into their stores in order to inspire them to spend on other things.

Black Friday sales

Black Friday sales mayhem

Of course I could play along. I could source some pieces from the wholesaler and discount them to make it appear that they’re a 'm’tzyah' (Yiddish for bargain). But I feel that would be misleading.

My ethos is to offer my clients great value all year round. I can’t discount prices further? To me that doesn’t add up. 

I take a lot of pride and time on my work. All my diamonds and materials are ethically sourced. The years of training and education has a real value and Black Friday or any ‘sales’ event for that matter doesn’t work with me. 

'Value for money' is a phrase that’s passed around more often than we care to consider. And that phrase can refer to several things. It could refer to the actual price, it could also be the service you provide. There are many elements at play. In my mind value for money is something that should be provided all year round.

So with that said, you won’t see any Black Friday offers or New Year specials from me. Value for money isn’t a fad It’s a given all year round. 


Photo credit: Powhusku (CC licence)

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