• I hate my engagement ring, what now?

I hate my engagement ring, what now?

What!!! You hate your engagement ring? Well I have news for you if this is the case you are not alone. Statistics show, and I don’t have any to hand, that not everyone loves their engagement ring once they set eyes on it. The reason for this is simple and it’s probably to do with the fact that he chose it based on what he thought you’d like. Or worse still, and this is true, he asked your best friend.


Now if you’re wondering why you wouldn’t like it after your best friend was consulted, then let me explain. It could well be a jealousy thing or it could be that she feels that as best friends you have the same taste in everything. I’ve had it before with a few clients. The best friend gets carried away and feels that because she would want a princess cut diamond you would too. And because she likes modern, she feels thats what you want too. To be fair, it is difficult to pick out the exact correct ring if it’s all being kept a secret, however sometimes ladies, dropping a few hints would do you the world of good. And men, pay attention to the hints. After all it’s your money and you would want to get it right. Yet with that said, even the best laid plans can go wrong. If the ring hasn’t been tried on, it could well be a case of the ring is perfect but it just doesn’t suit her hand.

So now what? What are the solutions to having the ring of your dreams? Well I’ve heard it said that you only really need to "wear" it until you are married and then it is your perogoative to have it changed. There is also no one saying that you have to wear it all the time. You can pick and chose and swap and change between the wedding and the engagement ring. Some guys think that you should just wear it and be grateful. I don’t go along with that. I believe jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed.


If you decide to keep quiet about it then perhaps the opportune moment to have it changed is when you go to pick your wedding bands. When you are with the jeweller you can ask for a style of ring that you want and if it doesn’t fit in with the engagement ring then perhaps the engagement ring can be altered or amended in such a way so as not to upset the guy. The bottom line is that the way you deal with this scenario will forge your relationship for years to come. He has probably spent a lot more time on this than you think, and from what I have witnessed over the years, spent a little more than he thought he would. Be sensitive to his emotions. Diplomacy is key and yes I believe you should tell him, just not during the proposal.

If you have been the fortunate recipient of an engagement ring that you unfortunately don’t like then please get in touch with me. A fair bit of my work as a bespoke jeweller is remaking and remodelling rings. I have my own workshop and create all pieces by hand. You can view a selection of my work by clicking the links below. I would be delighted to sit down with you both and run through some options. The most expensive part of the engagement ring is the diamond. It is also the most sentimental part. Over time the ring will and does wear down and would need to be remade. There is no saying that time can’t be now.

If you would like an appointment, then please do call for a free consultation in our central London Hatton Garden office and we would be glad to try and help you. Our details are on the main page of the Lewis Malka London website.

Lewis Malka is a recognized expert in making diamond rings as well as being a famous jeweller to the stars. All his blogs are his own opinions. He is a member of the London Diamond Bourse (LDB) and is currently the Chairman of the Young Persons Committee within the Diamond Bourse. You can follow him daily on Facebook - Twitter - and Instagram.
If you would like any bespoke jewellery made, then please visit his website.

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