• How a masterpiece of diamond jewellery is created in my workshop

How a masterpiece of diamond jewellery is created in my workshop

Roses aren’t the only beautiful objects which come in pink, gold and sapphires do too, and thats exactly what my latest creation is made using. Let me walk you through it.


(Here we see the components I made for this particular ring and of course the 2.50ct)

The brief was to re-make an engagement ring using the clients original diamond. In this case I am referring to the 2.50ct Asscher cut diamond. She, Helen, had seen a ring elsewhere and wanted me to make the same ring but with some slight alterations to fit her diamonds dimensions. Helen also wanted to use rose gold as she wanted her ring to be unique and different. When using a white diamond in the centre of a ring, I always recommend that the setting be made of a naturally white metal. The only metal conforming to this is platinum. Helen agreed.


(The ring is now assembled and ready for the stones to be set)

Helen wanted some shoulder stones which would compliment both the diamond in the centre and also the rose gold the shank is made of. After browsing some of my designs on my website, we decided not to use traditional white diamonds pave on the shoulders, but instead pink sapphires. Helen was so excited by this, she instructed me to commence immediately.


(The finished piece in all it’s glory. A diamond ring with pink sapphire shoulders)

The reaction from Helen when done was brilliant. I couldn’t have hoped for a better one. She loved it really loved it. She couldn’t have been happier. The photo doesn’t really do it justice to the colour of the shank, but I assure you, the pink in the metal with the pink of the stones is stunningly beautiful. Or should I say, a real masterpiece.


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