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  • HELP – my engagement ring is stuck on my finger

HELP – my engagement ring is stuck on my finger

It's happened to everyone at some point. I get the phone call. PLEASE HELP - my engagement ring is stuck on my finger. You've put on a ring or you've been wearing yours for years, and it's stuck on your finger. It doesn't matter how hard or how much you try, there is just no getting it off. Well the good news is that there is a way to remove it and still keep your finger in tact. Here are a few of the more common scenarios:

  • I've tried on a friends ring and just can't get it off.
  • I'm towards the end of my pregnancy and need to get my rings off but my finger has swollen.
  • I've been married for years and my hand has grown around the ring.

Well the good news for each and everyone of you is that there is a solution. Here are a few options which are open to you depending on the severity of the situation.

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One of the more popular scenarios is that your friend has just got engaged and she has her new ring which you subsequently try on. All is going well until you try to remove the piece and it's stuck. What do you do? First thing as always is not to panic. You need to remember that when you start to panic and stress your pulse rate rises and as a result of this there is more swelling to your finger. Keep calm and raise your hand above your heart to keep your blood flow low. You'll probably find that if you got it on, you can get it off. All it needs is a little fluid soap, cold water and some wiggle.

If you are pregnant, then the best time to remove your rings is generally when you start to notice swelling in the body, and I don't mean the tummy! Make sure you monitor your ankles and hands, and when you notice there is more water retention in those parts of your body than normal, then it's time to remove your rings and put them under lock and key. If there is a bit of swelling and you are finding that your rings are tight, then use the process listed above. If it's beyond that, then follow the instructions below. It's also a good time to take them to a jeweller and have the settings checked and the rings polished for when they go back on your finger after your baby is born.

So this scenario is something that women who have been married for years, or are at the later stages of their pregnancy and can't for the life of them get their rings off. I call it the string method. Look at the image below. What you will notice is that the string, or floss, is passed under the ring from the nail end. Make sure to leave some slack. The next step is to wrap the string around the finger all the way up to beyond the knuckle. You will notice by doing this that your finger will start to turn blue, the main thing here is to not panic, keep your hand elevated above shoulder height and be quick. Once finished wrapping it around the finger you need to use the other end of the string and start to unwrap it. What this does is push the ring over the knuckle as you unwind it. Perfect really.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 09.50.34

Most jewellers, like myself, have a tool which can be used on certain rings, such as engagement rings, wedding rings and help eternity rings which are made of gold or platinum, and we should be able to cut the ring off your finger on the premises. It looks like a tin opener, but I can assure you, it's perfectly safe even if you feel a little discomfort.

I don't recommend that you put the ring back on straight away once the swelling has gone down. I would wait at least 4-6 weeks from when it was cut off and then have your finger measured by a competent jeweller. Only you know your body and only you will know when the time is right. It's different for everyone.

cut off finger

I hope this has been helpful for you and thank you for reading it. If you need any help with your rings, then by all means make an appointment and come and see me.

If you would like an appointment to choose your dream engagement ring, then please do call for a free consultation in our central London Hatton Garden office and we would be glad to try and help you. Our details are on the main page of the Lewis Malka London website.

Lewis Malka is a recognised expert in making diamond rings as well as being a famous jeweller to the stars. All his blogs are his own opinions. He is a member of the London Diamond Bourse (LDB) and also sits on the board within the Diamond Bourse. You can follow him daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you would like any bespoke jewellery made, then please visit his website.

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