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  • This tiny wedding ring feature will have a huge impact post COVID-19

This tiny wedding ring feature will have a huge impact post COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to ease and rules start to relax, some peoples attention returns to their wedding day. Yes, there are different degrees of heartbreak as some people were months away from their wedding. But there were those who were weeks, if not days, away from theirs. And all of them had one thing in common. The original date was cancelled.

Yes, there was a knock on effect. And yes, clients cancelled their appointment with me as their wedding was put off. But this isn't about me and the fact that my business has stopped during the lockdown. Here is what has come to light as I start to re-open.

Out of 50 clients (a round number) who have wedding rings on order, that's 100 rings, 42 clients had their wedding rings engraved. That means a lovely message has been inscribed, but more importantly the date of their big day. This tiny wedding ring feature will have a huge impact post COVID-19

Wedding cake topper with masks

Two things to consider are the following. First, are the couple still together? I have contacted all my clients and a few couples have sadly broken up. I guess the stress of living together took its toll. And the others, those have all been pushed back. Some have confirmed a new date, others are still deciding when. Well it's a forgone conclusion that the dates in the rings will need changing. It sounds simple enough, but it's actually a time consuming process.

And then there is cash flow to consider. And I don't just mean for me, I mean for the industry as a whole. Some people take a deposit of only 10-20%. That means that the balance would be due when they collect their rings. Normally a few weeks before their big day. In a lot of cases, this means jewellers would have to wait till next year now to get paid. Meanwhile, their suppliers will need paying as per normal. 

But this isn't just wedding rings, what about wedding dresses. Another item which needs planning months ahead of the big day. And another item which only a partial deposit would be taken, with a final balance due upon final fitting. 

One thing I would suggest to everyone who has their wedding ring engraved. Keep the original date alongside the new one.

I think this would be a lovely reminder of what was going on in the world, in years to come. And a lovely story to reflect on to re-tell your grandchildren. 

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