• Will you propose to your man this leap year?

Will you propose to your man this leap year?

It happens once in a blue moon and the blue moon in this instance is every four years and happens on the 29th of February. It's the day when women have the opportunity to turn the tables on their man and come up with a creative way to propose to their loved one. If this is the first time that you've heard of it, it's a relatively new concept, in leap year terms and not been happening all that long. Consider too that's it's once every 1460 days and it's not something which will be on our minds too often.

So what can we expect on this day? Well for the ladies who have been in a steady and loving relationship for the right amount of time and who feel that a marriage proposal should have happened by now, they may consider this the opportune moment to propose to their man in the most creative way. And why not? I think it's a very romantic thing to do. In my eyes it shows a healthy and strong relationship between the two of them.

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I've heard men say that they would try and be out the country, away on business or anything that will prevent their other half from having a chance to pop the question. When I probed them further as to why they wouldn't want to be proposed to the reply has always been "it should be the man proposing to the woman, that's the tradition."

Well this too is a tradition which is now part of Western culture and something that is very much part of the norm. Whilst I was researching for this blog, I found out that around 5 percent of women have proposed to their man. That's in an average year and not taking a leap year into account. Nearly half of single women who hope to get married someday say they would consider proposing if it would mean achieving their goal.

From a personal point of view I have no problem with a woman proposing to a man and it shouldn't be limited to February the 29th either. A few months ago I was sitting with a couple looking for an engagement ring and the question that I always like to ask is "How did you both get engaged?" In this instance the lady proudly piped up that she was the one who did the proposing. It wasn't a grand gesture at all. As it turned out they were having a conversation over dinner. It came to the topic of new furniture for their home which they had moved into six months prior and the lady turned and said "Why don't we get married now, will you marry me?" Sometimes the most simplest ways are often the most romantic too and not long after they were planning a wedding.

I also uncovered a few fact that might prove useful when going ahead and proposing to your man.

  1. Don't do it in public. Even if he is very outgoing keep it private. Proposing is still seen as a guy thing to do and you wouldn't want to embarrass him.
  2. Keep the proposal fun, flirtatious and light-hearted.
  3. Try and keep it in a setting or over a theme he relates to and would love. That's not to say on the jumbo screen at a football match would necessarily work.

If you're now wondering what you should propose with, well I have some help for you here too.

romantic couple in front of santa monica amusement park at sunse

We all know that you want and will get a ring. If you want to propose to your man with a ring perhaps it can be a plain wedding ring style band. And maybe you can personalise it with his birthstone set within. If you feel that your man wouldn't wear a ring then how about one of these proposal gifts.

  1. Create a romantic momento of your proposal for him to keep forever. This could be a framed picture with some of your happiest memories together.
  2. Have something engraved. Perhaps a pair of cufflinks or a special pen.
  3. Perhaps he's a handy man and really wants one of those multi-tool gizmos.

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