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    • Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

    Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

    One of the common questions I am asked when a client is purchasing a diamond bracelet is "Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?"


    It’s not often that a piece of jewellery is named for an accident, but such is the case with tennis bracelets. The Tennis Bracelets got their unusual name from an incident involving Chris Evert during a 1987 match at the US Open tennis championships.

    Chris had been wearing an expensive inline bracelet featuring a string of individually set diamonds during the game. Whilst involved in a long rally, the clasp snapped. She asked her opponent and the officials if they wouldn’t mind stopping the game until the bracelet was found. It was found, repaired, and now has a place in history.


    Since that day, bracelets featuring an inline array of diamonds have been called Tennis Bracelets. They are very popular accessories for formal and informal occasions due to their simplicity, lustre, and sparkle. In fact in my opinion, no well dressed woman should be without one.


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