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  • Why buy your diamond engagement ring from a specialist London jeweller?
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Lewis Malka is a specialist London jeweller with years of experience under his belt in creating beautiful bespoke diamond engagement rings. Hatton Garden is the home of London’s diamond and jewellery trade, a vibrant and dynamic district where the people are as colourful and interesting as the precious stones and trinkets that get made here.
As you walk the length of the Garden, it’s hard not to be a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of jewellery items available to buy – diamond engagement rings, tennis bracelets, earrings, watches … the list is almost endless.

But there’s a recurring theme: the majority of those of us who work here are specialists who have unparalleled expertise in sourcing and making some of the finest jewellery you or the person you love will ever wear.

Often, we meet people at Lewis Malka London who ask us why they should buy a diamond ring or a piece of jewellery from us when they can get the same product online. Part of the simple answer is that you actually can’t get the same product online. More often than not, the stone you see online is not the stone you’ll be sold. It may be the same carat, but it won’t be the same cut or colour and it won’t have the same clarity. When you come to see us, the stone you choose is exactly the same stone we use to make your diamond engagement ring or accessory. We know where it’s come from, it’s certificated so you know its provenance and, most importantly of all, you’ll have held it in your hand and looked at it with your own eyes.

When you buy from a specialist jeweller in London like Lewis Malka you know that you’re not just buying a diamond necklace or a bespoke diamond ring. You’re also buying years of experience in the jewellery trade and a level of craftsmanship that you simply can’t get from an online retailer.

To find out more about our jewellery and outstanding customer service, or to book and appointment with Lewis himself, please contact us.

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Lewis Malka

Specialist Engagement rings made in Hatton Garden, London



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