• When a marriage or engagement ends, who should keep the ring?

When a marriage or engagement ends, who should keep the ring?

Well I’ve never been one to shy away from a bit of controversy, so why stop here. It hasn’t happened often, but it is something thats come up every now and again. Who gets to keep the diamond ring once a wedding or engagement is over? Hang on a second! Why does this all come back to me? Why does it have to be me who answers this question? Either way I can’t win.


The truth is there isn’t a right answer and there isn’t a wrong answer, and that’s not me sitting on the fence, that’s me being 100% honest. One point of view for the man is that he spent three months salary on the diamond piece and should be entitled to try and reclaim some money back. Yet on the other hand the argument for the lady is that the ring was given to her, it is now hers, and she should be able to do with it as she pleases. There is also the feeling that from her point of view it is a bad memory and a bad luck charm and she may well want to return it.


Is there a correct answer?

Well a lot of the time a marriage has broken down there is bad feeling and the last thing the lady wants to do is return the ring, yet the first thing on the guys mind is to get money back from the ring, so he demands it back. I believe that the right thing to do is whatever seems to be the right thing at the time. Every situation is different and there isn’t a black or white answer. Of course the best thing to do is not get in to this situation in the first place and make the relationship work so this isn’t an issue. If the thought and the love was there in the beginning then it’s a relationship worth working on. However that’s a different blog altogether for a different person to discus. I’m not a marriage councillor, I’m a jeweller.


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