• What are you doing with your cash?

What are you doing with your cash?

Have you ever wondered why diamonds vary in price from shop to shop?

Since 1949, statistics have shown that diamonds are the only commodity that has increased year on year 15-20%. And in years of a recession, even more than that. Provided of course they are purchased at the right level, wholesale!

There have been years, when diamonds have been increasing in value by up to 40%. It is the only commodity that is not listed on the stock exchange. It is still very much an item that is ruled by big diamond house’s around the world. Most famously DeBeers who used to own and control more than 95% of the worlds diamonds. That has since been reduced to around the 35% mark.


It’s very much a supply and demand process with diamonds, and with emerging countries like India and China demanding huge amounts of diamonds each year for new found wealth, the demand is far exceeding the supply. Did you know there has to be around 250 tons of earth mined for each 1 carat commercial quality diamond found.

Jewellery retailers are known to put huge mark-ups on their stock, and this is done for various reasons, and it’s an accepted part of the culture we live in. So buying an investment diamonds from a retailer would take many years to see any return on your investment.

This is where Joseph Sterling are able to help. We offer a service that from as little as £2000, you can open a diamond portfolio. I’m not talking about buying a share of a diamond, but actually owning and having the physical goods in your possession to marvel over whenever you want. As a member of the London Diamond Bourse, we have access to all the diamonds which come into the country before they are distributed to wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, so logically we should be your wholesaler to come to.


Compare this to purchasing a luxury holiday, some Christian Louboutin shoes, or even putting your money in a savings account, and this will guarantee you a better return in years to come. And if you are looking at natural fancy colour diamonds, such as the ones in the ring above, your return could be even greater.


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