• Using an old stone in a new ring

Using an old stone in a new ring

It’s not all about big brash diamonds. Not everyone has the same taste. We are all different, and this is what makes my work so enjoyable! Everyone has a story. Everyone has a different idea. And everyone is unique.

I was visited by clients who had a ruby that was handed down by her mother, and she wanted to include it in the design of her new engagement ring. Her idea was to have the ruby as the centre piece, and surround it with diamonds all of the same cut. Once this was finalised, the rest was plain sailing, ahem!!


Here we can see the framework for the stones. each of the small boxes are settings for the princess cut diamonds which will surround the ruby.


Once the ring is set and polished, it has a totally different complexion. A consideration at the start was of course how to have her wedding ring. Does she have a straight one which would leave a big gap between rings on the shoulders? Do we go for a narrow curved ring to fit around the setting, but has a tendency to always rotate when you least want it to.


We decided to go for a wide ring with a section cut out for the engagement ring to snugly fit into. As you can see the result was perfection. This works beautifully for her as she has long slender fingers and the width of the ring compliments her hand.

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