• Tips on what you can do with your diamond ring once a break up has occurred

Tips on what you can do with your diamond ring once a break up has occurred

It's a reflection of the world we live in and a fact of life today. More and more people are going through a break up and ultimately a divorce. One of the main bones of contention is, and always will be, the diamond engagement ring. And it always will be because it is the one item which has the most value, in monetary terms and emotional terms. Let's put that behind us for the moment, there is a precedence set within the courts in the UK and the USA that I know about, which states that if the break up has occurred during the engagement period, then the woman is expected to return the ring. If on the other hand, you are already married when the question of the ring comes up, then it is the woman's to keep and do as she pleases. Now that is issue is out the way, and we are left with a diamond ring, what can we do with it?


The obvious solution would be for the ring to be sold. This is something I tackle on a day to day basis. I do get a lot of enquiries a week with people asking me for a price on their engagement ring. It's a service I offer and I'm happy to help and guide clients. For a lot of people there is a stigma attached to the ring and they feel that the only option is to sell it. It brings up bad memories so why hang on to it. If that's the case then fine. Everyone has their own reason for doing things.

Aside from selling the lovely diamond, you could also have it remade into something that you could and would wear more often. There are people who aren't sentimental about their ring and it doesn't stir up memories for them, they don't need the money, so why not have something else made. The truth is that whatever was paid for the ring in the first place won't be recouped, so instead of selling it and buying a smaller diamond with that money, it makes more sense to have it remade into something even more magical. This could be a cocktail ring or a pendant, perhaps you want to add some more stones to it. These don't have to be diamonds. You could add rubies or sapphires. And sapphires don't only come in blue. They come in a variety of colours, so perhaps you can design something pretty to wear.


Perhaps you do want to keep the ring, that's not unheard of. You had it designed and made and you love it, but you don't want to keep the diamond. There is nothing stopping you from selling the diamond and replacing it with a coloured semi precious centre stone, and again this could be a Tanzanite, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire. It would take on a completely different complexion and I guarantee you would receive loads of compliments.

If you find that that you are now divorced and you have children, you may well want to keep the stone and hand it down, thereby keeping it in the family. It could prove tricky if you have more than one daughter, however what you'll find as time goes on, is that there will be other diamonds which have been handed down over time, so when the time comes there will be plenty for everyone! I hope that's of some help. Please feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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