• Save money by making a new piece of jewellery from your old treasured pieces

Save money by making a new piece of jewellery from your old treasured pieces

We're all guilty of the same thing. Every now and then we all buy something new to replace an old favourite. That old piece gets left aside and hardly ever worn again. There's nothing wrong with that. However, I do believe that if you have a piece of jewellery, then you should wear what you have and enjoy it. By now you've realised that I'm referring to your old pieces of jewellery. Items that have been placed in your trinket box and sadly haven't seen the light of day for a considerable amount of time. 

I understand about fashion, trends and style. I also understand that the possibilities of doing something else, with your now forgotten ex-favourite piece of jewellery, are endless. That's exactly what happened with these two pieces in the last couple of weeks. Let me tell you two short stories. 

The first new piece of recycled jewellery is this beautiful two stone pendant in yellow gold. The diamond used to sit in my clients pendant, and the sapphire was part of her cocktail ring. Neither design is in fashion anymore and not neither piece is being worn. She wanted me to make her a new pendant utilising both stones. As her engagement and wedding ring is yellow gold, she wanted the pendant to be yellow gold too. As you can see the end result is quite striking. By making the stones in a semi-rubover setting, it allows the light in from the sides, giving the stones maximum brilliance. The best bit about this was that when all was finished and her scrap gold sold, I ended up giving her back some money as well as a new piece of jewellery. Needless to say she was delighted. 

sapphire and diamond pendant

This next pendant came together beautifully. My client had some jewellery which she had been given over the years. A few pieces were presents which are no longer worn due to them being out of fashion. One diamond piece was from her grandmother and had a lot of wear and tear due to age. She's decided that she no longer wanted to wear any of it. We scraped all the gold and kept the four larger diamonds from those pieces. The end result is this exquisite four-stone pendant. The beautiful thing is that each stone tells its own story. She still has her diamonds and now they are all together as a memory piece. Not only are they all different sizes, but the largest stone is in fact a different cut too. Another happy client. 

four stone pendant

If you have any unwanted jewellery and would like to have a new piece of made from them, or even maybe just want to get rid of your unwanted jewellery and cash in, then please get in touch. I always offer a free consultation. Who knows, you could even end up with a new sparkler and some cash. Now that would be amazing!! Lewis Malka is an expert in the diamond jewellery industry. In 2016 he published his first book, The Engagement Ring. You can find out more about it on his website

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