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  • Lewis Malka meets Alexis Conran and discusses diamond scams on TalkRadio

Lewis Malka meets Alexis Conran and discusses diamond scams on TalkRadio

It was a pleasure to be invited along to TalkRadio Towers to speak with Alexis Conran about diamond scams.

Lewis Malka meets Alexis Conran and discusses diamond scams on TalkRadio.

It was a pleasure to go along to TalkRadio Towers and have a chat with Alexis, on his show The Radio Hustle, all about diamond scams and the actual price of diamonds. One of the main questions asked was "Why are diamonds so expensive?"

One other main question was "Are diamonds as rare as we are led to believe?" It's one of those things, diamonds have been around for so many years now that you just forget about the "scam" so to speak. They originated onto the market so many years ago, that we just accept it as part of everyday life.

It's hard to imagine that all those years ago diamonds were just a piece of carbonised crystal which was formed in the earth. What makes this subject even more fascinating is the fact that if it wasn't for that one large mining company, De Beers, we probably wouldn't even use diamonds as that integral part of all marriage proposals.

So what are your thoughts on diamonds? Have you had to buy an engagement ring? Have you often wondered why something so small commands such a high price? More importantly, how do we know that we are getting value for money when we go along and buy that all important engagement ring? So many questions.

I won't ruin the show for you but rest assured it is a fascinating topic and a great listen. Enjoy the show and thank you TalkRadio for the invite. I look forward to coming back again soon.

I start my conversation in Part 2 at 2 minutes 10 seconds.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Lewis and Alexs TR

TalkRadio talks to Lewis Malka

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