• Is it white gold or platinum? Can you tell the difference?

Is it white gold or platinum? Can you tell the difference?

It’s a common question I get asked when sitting with clients, and they are deliberating between white gold and platinum.

"Is there a difference?" "What are the pro’s and con’s?"

Well the facts are that there is no such thing as natural white gold. All gold that comes out the ground is yellow. The way it is manufactured in to white gold is by adding palladium. The refiners normally do this. Now this will still have a tinge of yellow colour in it, so the polishers will always rhodium plate all white gold when polishing it to give the look we all know.

Now platinum is a very different metal. It is naturally white, so does not need rhodium plating. It is a denser metal over 18ct, so will be heavier. It is a purer metal, so anyone with allergies would use this as a preference, and it is a brighter white metal too.

If you were asking me which would I choose, it would be platinum every single time. It is more expensive than gold, but worth every penny.

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