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An engagement ring is more than likely to be the third biggest purchase you make in your life after a house and car – so getting it right is essential. From Hatton Garden to you.

Lewis & Your Ring

Although the styles are different, engagement rings for men are just as popular as engagement rings for women. And of course, the best way to get an engagement ring it's to have one made bespoke. Style and taste are all down to an individual’s desires, so there really isn't a set design, as there as there are for ladies, for a man’s engagement ring.

I've made a ring for a gentleman before that had diamonds channel set the whole way round. And by the same token I've made a plain nondescript band for his partner. Unlike wedding rings, engagement rings for men don't need to match. Saying that wedding rings don't need to match either it's just a preference that a lot of people have.

Some things to consider when a gentleman is looking for an engagement ring, are lifestyle choices. For example, will the recipient be a heavy goer of the gym? Is he an outdoor person? Is he a labourer or does he work in an office? Someone who does outdoor work or uses the gym a lot, won't be taking off his wedding ring to do these activities. Therefore he is going to be a heavy wearer of the ring. So having something thin and delicate won't work for him.

So, if you're planning on proposing to your partner, please consider these lifestyle choices as they can have a big impact on the style and design that you choose for him. And by all means, please book an appointment and we can work out some design options together.


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From start to finish, we will arrive at the perfect engagement ring that suits you and your wife to be..

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    About Lewis

    The owner and founder of Lewis Malka London is in fact Lewis himself, a bespoke jewellery designer.


    Having been brought up in the engagement ring sector of the jewellery industry, Lewis’ niche market is bespoke engagement rings.

    This has placed him above and beyond his competitors.

    "A unique way of dealing with clients is to make them feel involved in every part of the process,"

    "A lot of people have the misconception that bespoke means expensive, to my clients, it means you get exactly what you want at a price you want to pay,"

    "My clients get a unique opportunity to stamp their own personality on the ring of their dreams which they will cherish forever."

    Lewis Malka Jeweller

    Lewis Malka

    Designer Jeweller

    Book an Appointment with Lewis

    From start to finish, we will arrive at the perfect engagement ring that suits you and your wife to be..

    Let Lewis know your preferred appointment time & contact details and he will get back to you!