• Don’t let a guy give you a pearl necklace – get diamonds!

Don’t let a guy give you a pearl necklace – get diamonds!

The benefits of diamonds over pearls.

Pearls are always classic. Worn by women everywhere, they hold a certain respect for being simple yet statement making. Most young ladies will own at least one pair of pearl ear studs, probably acquired from a young age, but they won't necessary own a pearl necklace.

Diamonds are also a classic and are also never out of fashion. They make a bold statement. To most it's a statement of wealth. To the untrained eye it's a question of the bigger the more expensive, and most of the time it's true. However if we are to compare the two and really understand the benefits of diamonds over pearls then we need to understand the basics about these true expressions of wealth and lifestyles.

When a diamond necklace is made, the two metals that would house the diamond in are either gold or platinum. If it's a pendant, the setting is then soldered to a loop which a gold chain is then fed through. The gold is pretty strong and even a tug at it shouldn't snap anything. With pearls, which they themselves are very susceptible to damage, a hole is drilled through them and they are strung on a silk thread and then tied at the end to a gold catch. Now most expensive pearls, especially South Sea pearls, should be strung with a knot in-between each pearl. This way if and when the necklace gives out and breaks, they won't all run off and fall all over the place. You need to remember that pearls aren't worn very often for this very reason. Most people will wear them for high end occasions, such as weddings or going on a lavish night out. The problem is that as they are worn on a silk thread, there is going to be a natural rubbing over time and the silk will give out.

Now a diamond necklace won't have any of these problems. Yes, it's true that the catch, more likely on a cheap necklace, can get caught and could give out, but thee are very rare. The chances are if you have a well made piece and not the bottom of the range catch, then it's rather unlikely to happen. Throughout my time in the jewellery industry most of my sales for necklaces have been for diamond ones over pearl ones. This isn't to say that they have all been diamond necklaces which have been end to end diamonds, no, most have been diamond pendants.

These are just a few other things to consider when deciding on either diamonds or pearls. If you are going for pearls make sure they are South Sea pearls. They do come in different shades of white as well as pink grey and other colours. Make sure you have a good selection when you go to view. Go to a specialist not the high street. Pearls aren't as rare as diamonds. They are cultivated in oysters. Make sure when they are strung that they are knotted in-between each pearl. Have the thread checked every now and again. If you spot fraying then get them restrung. You can't wear pearls when you go swimming.

As for diamonds, well you can wear them everywhere and this includes to swim in. They are a natural mineral which has taken millions of years to form over massive variations in temperatures and over thousands of atmospheres. They are always sparkly, and virtually unbreakable. They add a certain type of 'Je ne said quoi' to any and every occasion. And as someone quite famous used to say, you never actually own a diamond, you merely look after it for the next generation.

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