• Cupid’s arrow is aiming to sparkle this Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s arrow is aiming to sparkle this Valentine’s Day

With around 10% of marriage proposals occurring on or around Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year sees a fair share of diamond rings purchased.

Valentine’s Day has worldwide appeal, and the practise of gift giving is celebrated in the USA, Australia, Britain, China, Ghana, India, South Africa and more. In Mexico, heart shaped and red themed gifts appear immediately after Christmas. Japanese women bestow small gifts such as chocolate on Valentine’s Day, the men return the favour a month later on White Day by handing out jewellery and other gifts to loved ones.


Now with all this said, the problem now becomes what is the ideal piece of jewellery for me to purchase and how do I go about doing this? Well with all my years of experience, and being a member of the London Diamond Bourse, let me try to offer some sensible advice.

If you are going to propose or indeed purchase a significant diamond, then you need to do your research. Being familiar with the 4C’s of diamond quality is a crucial element in understanding what you are buying, and why on the face of it, two diamonds may appear the same yet be miles apart in price. These are all explained in a previous blog.

Choose a qualified jeweller: Sounds obvious however I have been into many multiples, and found that the staff there are very inexperienced as they may be working their way through college and are just counter staff. Take note of their qualifications and ask to speak to someone who you feel comfortable with.


Ask for an independent diamond grading report: A diamond certificate details the gemological quality of the diamond. It will tell you if the stone is natural or synthetic, if it’s been treated and how, and it’s quality of the 4C’s.

Keep the purchase secure: Have the diamond independently valued and then insure it. It is probably one of the largest purchases you will ever make. It would be prudent to have it insured on your home content policy. Some diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number on the girdle. Keep this number safe to help identify it if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Purchase the stone loose and have the ring made later: If you are unsure what design your fiancé would prefer and yet want to maintain the element of surprise, then one option is to buy a loose diamond and go through the design process together. Very romantic and she will love the idea that you are doing they together.

A gift of diamonds is an outward expression of what people mean to one another. Enjoy the process, it’s one that will live in the memory for a very long time.

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