• What you can expect from a New Year’s Eve proposal

What you can expect from a New Year’s Eve proposal

Whilst most of you are probably considering what outfit to wear or which party to go to for New Year's Eve, there are a small pocket of people wrestling with their emotions and deliberating over the life changing act of a marriage proposal.

You see, along with Christmas and Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve is one of the most popular nights of the year to be proposed to. In fact it can be as precise as clock work, because as Big Ben strikes midnight, thousands of men will, to the surprise of thousands of girlfriends, get down on one knee and confess their emotions and ask for her hand in marriage. And you thought romance was dead!

So ladies, let's try to look for a few obvious signs that your fella is about to propose to you this New Year's Eve. Also guys, let me give you a few proposal tips. Being the mensch that I am, ladies first.

A few things you've got to wonder, is why you haven't been out much lately. Those lovely restaurants he used to take you to, the cinema trips, the Saturday afternoons shopping. Those have been slowly drying up over the last few months. Probably because he has been saving up his pennies. Have you perhaps also noticed that he's been paying a bit more attention to your parents well being? Has he started to play golf with your dad, or perhaps been meeting in the pub for a pint more than you noticed? How about this then, he's been noticing and perhaps commenting too, on your friends engagement rings. Saying things like "That's pretty" or even the reverse psychology conversation starter of "Did you see her new engagement ring, but gaudy isn't it?" All these things and more are sure fire ways of detecting that your man is about to propose.

Now gents I hope you were paying attention too. The message there was to avoid those scenarios. Let me indulge you now, if I may, in a few proposal tips which will help you in the long run, make your magical evening even more memorable.

The biggest dilemma is not whether or not she will say yes or no, but in fact which ring you should choose. This is a very difficult decision for most of us. Don't panic! I have a great solution which I know will be a dead cert winner. My suggestion is that you purchase a loose diamond and propose with that. It keeps the proposal and romance going for a few weeks longer and in my view you still have the surprise aspect of the proposal yet you come in together and design the ring, which I believe still keeps the romance and excitement alive. You can read more on this topic in my specific blog of the same title, "propose with a diamond."

If, on the other hand you, would prefer to propose with a ring, then I suggest confiding in her best friend. She will be a useful ally for a few reasons, but first and foremost because she will be very excited to play along with this romantic gesture. Try to find out what shape diamond she prefers and also which of her friends rings she loves over the ones she hates. I've been told that girls talk about this all the time so it won't arouse her suspicions. A lot of men focus on the finger size too, but rest assured that if you don't know it, and by the way both hands aren't the same size, then it can be easily altered after. Best it goes on and is slightly large than not going on at all. The last thing you want when all the emotions are flying, is for her to be struggling trying to get the ring on.

I had a client come to me a few months ago and he wanted to propose with a diamond. We were sitting together and he was prospecting certain princess cut (square) diamonds, was about to shake hands on one, when he then decided to call her best friend and double check it was the right shape. Just as well really, it turned out her favourite shape is a brilliant cut (round).

I hope this has been useful to you and that if you are one of those people who will be making a life changing decision on New Year's Eve, it all goes according to plan. Should the unthinkable happen, and she hates her engagement ring, well, that's another blog altogether.

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