• The benefits of jewellery as a Christmas present

The benefits of jewellery as a Christmas present

We work so very hard all year just to spend our savings on our loved ones. Would you agree with this statement? There is an element of truth in what I've just said, and with Christmas just around the corner, what will you be buying this year? I'm sure she's dropped plenty of hints either by leaving website pages open in your browser, or by leaving business cards on the kitchen table. Either way it's going to cost you a pretty penny. And don't get me wrong ladies, I know the men are guilty of this too. Race days and new leather goods! However from a practical point of view, wouldn't you rather get something she or he will cherish forever?

I believe that most of the the things on her 'want' list this year will be perishable or indeed only have a short shelf life. I am of course referring to perhaps the newest iPhone or iPad. Maybe she wants the latest Christian Louboutin shoes or Mulberry handbag. Perhaps all she really wants is a lovely piece of diamond jewellery. So what do you do and what is the right thing to do? Can you see which of these is the odd one out?

All the items I've mentioned, such as the shoes and electronics, have a shelf life. All that is, except the diamond jewellery. Let me explain my thought pattern. With all electronics, with all clothing, and with all fashion accessories, they come and go within their own industry. Electronics are updated every few years and thus then become obsolete. With fashion goods such as shoes and handbags, they change even faster. The only sustainable purchase worth making this Christmas with all your hard earned money, is a gorgeous piece of diamond jewellery. The beauty here is that firstly it's a lot more personal than the previously mentioned items, and that it will last above and beyond anything else. Now jewellery doesn't only restrict itself to ladies pieces, but also to mens fine watches. These are things that historically have gone up in price year on year, so why not consider it an investment too. A fine timepiece is, without sounding cliche, timeless!


Many years ago, DeBeers came up with the slogan "A diamond is forever" and this is so very true. We all know that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and that they do last forever. How many other companies can say that about the products they are selling? I can promise you this, not many!

I do hope that my suggestions have helped make things a bit clearer for you and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

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